Premiere: Brunch Club – “Bed Bugs”

Brunch Club

Tough times are made better when good people are around. Whether it’s a crappy job, a tough semester, or a frustrating living situation, the agony can decrease with seeing a well timed eye-roll from another or a comforting inside joke.

“Bed Bugs,” a new song from the forthcoming self-titled EP by Edmonton’s Brunch Club (Ellen Reade, Patrick Earles, and Clay Francis), finds Reade looking back on a tough time and missing the friends that helped her get through it. “I wrote [“Bed Bugs”] after I had moved out of this really gross house venue I’d been living at for the past few months, and I’d been losing touch with two of the girls who had also lived there and been my best friends,” she tells us.

“Bed Bugs,” streaming below, is a crunchy pop track that feels happy – the bugs are gone! – but there’s an underlying sadness for the good times that were had – “It’s not the same without you,” repeats Reade.

Brunch Club’s EP comes out March 24th and will be available on cassette via Hidden Bay Records. The band is having their EP release show (with our pal Space Classic) in Edmonton on March 25th.

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