Review – “Dream Volume” – Nevrmind

a0474935854_10reviewed by Erik Sedore

Imagine a population of exiles, banished from the real world to a digital universe, where the only source of nourishment is beats, and the only threads of community are synths and samples. In their self-described “music for being alone on the internet at 3 AM”, Nevrmind are creating the soundtrack for that electronic nation.

And it’s an inviting place. “Diaspora” opens on some high, modulating pitches bouncing back and forth between your headphones, before several new elements are dropped in one by one, reaching out and connecting to each other in a subtly shifting whole.

“Sunrise, Sunset” is more urgent. Washes of chords and a quickly tapping beat coexist, like night and day trading places in the same sky.

“Láadanese Girl” shifts to contemplation, beginning with a solitary beat that is quickly joined by some notes that pinball nervously around, trying to find somewhere to fit and come to rest. From there the track becomes more like the climax music for a 80’s sci-fi B-movie, it’s mechanical heart forever etched into the film of a decaying VHS tape.

Finally, “Newborn” inflates and deflates unhurriedly, allowing you to savour every moment that your wrapped up in the blue glow of you new home. As you slowly sink to the bottom, you can look up to the surface and see the webs of connection to all your fellow digital emigrants.

Top Track: “Diaspora”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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