Premiere: Cartoon Lizard – “Not Punk Not Raw”

Cartoon Lizard (Photo: Chris Armstrong)

The title track of this Victoria group’s upcoming EP is basically the group’s theme song. They’re not about to get loud or rough, but rather dazzle you with an array of psychedelics. The smoothness of the song and the backup vocals help hide the fact that there are some great psych-pop flourishes within, and there’s a great old-timey piano solo later in the song.

Grayowl Point is premiering the music video for the song, which seemingly features the workout routines of three different guys. We follow a runner for the majority of the video, ending with a sweeping shot of his running path. Here’s how the band’s Ritchie Hemphill describes the video:

Using music or video media as a platform to start stating things, I wanted to start out simply with a message of self celebration and loving the humanity of people. I wanted to show people privately doing self care. The song is about celebrating ones own specificity as well as being open and accepting of people’s sexual identities.  And the partnering idea for the video is celebrating ones own athleticism.

See it all go down below.

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