Review – “Meanwhile Cause w/ Play It Again” – Triples

a1122078063_10reviewed by Laura Stanley

Recently I was told by one of my friends that I should start a “skin care routine” because apparently your skin loses its elasticity when you’re in your twenties and I’m going to start to look old. But did I start a routine? No. Why? Because change is hard and I’m, ultimately, lazy.

So when Toronto newcomers Triples begin their A/B split Meanwhile Cause w/ Play It Again with the line, “I wanna do the right thing but I’m ruining my body. My skin ages each day,” I felt that we had a special connection.

Although they also cater to my more current emotions, Triples, sisters Eva and Madeline Link, sound like a band I would listen to while writing in my sticker adorned diary at age 14. Their music is really fun lo-fi, punkish pop. It’s scraped knees, skunky weed, and a white t-shirt with the phrase “I don’t give a fuck” drawn on with a Sharpie.

This punkish pop is its most polished on “Meanwhile Cause” – note: not a worthwhile cause – when Triples navigate tangled romantic feelings. “Play It Again” is rougher than its partner. The chorus sounds like a bunch of songs playing at once, making a mess but what’s awesome here is the sisters’ vocal intonation – it’s flatness is equivalent to an eye-roll. So when they sing “please play that song again, I’m dying to hear it,” I can’t help but think Triples had some uninvited attention by a guitar playing dude-bro and don’t have any interest in hearing your fucking song.

Join the sisterhood.

Top Tracks: Give both a whirl!

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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