Review – “Defecto Jet” – Vypers

reviewed by Erik Sedore

The cover of Vypers newest EP Defecto Jet features a smashed up toy plane, but when I started up its title track my vision was more like this: Dr. Doom is at the helm of a hovering platform outfitted with a massive sci-fi laser cannon, while Vypers, clad in black jumpsuits with gas masks, rock out behind him. They terrorize the city, and when the world’s mightiest heroes come to stop him, he cries out: “You’ll never stop my Defecto Jet!” He powers it up and fires, and Superman’s tights shrivel and shrink, Spiderman’s webs turn to mush, and Captain America’s shield turns into a plastic Frisbee. They fly off into the sunset, shouting “I don’t care! I’m not scared!”

Next up is the stompy (and funny!) “Scumbag.” Vocalist Nic Waterman sings “I put Doritos in the microwave supper… I’m a cheap fuck, drive a dump truck…” Hey, I know that guy! The chorus will make you want to sing along and hurl in equal measure.

After the brief noise hurricane of “Fuckface”, the scene changes again to a dingy commercial kitchen. You come into the dish pit from bussing your tables, and the dishwasher just stares at you with the most I-don’t-give-a-shit eyes you’ve ever seen. You leave your plates in the racks covered with grease scum and nihilism, and go home to think about your life.

So, if you’re having a bad day, I suggest putting on this EP and smashing up all your toy planes.

Top Tracks: “Defecto Jet”; “Dishpit”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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