Review – “Revelation” – WINT

revelationreviewed by Michael Thomas

You can look at the latest album from WINT (Brandon Saucier) as one of two things: an indictment of religion or a look at the sinister goings-on of right now. Right now, of course, is referring to the events south of Canada, and it’s pretty easy to see the first song of this EP as a reference to the intellectual destruction happening there.

Revelation isn’t a long recording,  but it pack a punch and sends a terrifying message of what happens when radical religions (or perhaps ways of thinking) take root. Saucier takes a very lo-fi approach here, the punk-ish approach similar to that of the band Women. There’s an urgency and ferocity to the guitar work towards the middle of this album, and it all stems from the thesis statement in the first song.

That first number, “our new religion,” lays the groundwork with a repeated set of phrases: “Much more comfort, much less vision/More sights and sounds, still less decisions.” It’s a terrifyingly succinct statement on politics and the rest of the album seems to build on that anxiety and tension. On the following songs, “teeth” and “desire,” it seems to be no surprise that Saucier’s vocals are harder to hear amid the louder, angrier music. In “teeth” there are certain sections where he strums the guitar much louder, and in “desire” I could just make out as he said “desire, devotion, discipline,” as though he was beginning a brainwashing tape.

There’s “destiny,” which continues on the dark path of the previous two songs, before Saucier’s words become clearer in “revelation.” He says, “turn away from the fear, revelation in the mirror, what happens when you aren’t here?” It’s hard to tell if those statements are meant to relieve or scare. They’re a good mixture of both.

Finally there’s “soft spoken,” which feels gentler despite the dark atmosphere of the album. Perhaps there will be a happy ending to these next four years, or perhaps not, but this WINT album has a knack for externalizing our inner anxieties about how inexplicably fucked up the world feels right now.

Top Track: “our new religion”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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