Review – “Hang In There” – Shelby Cohen

a3380218305_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

Recently it feels like everywhere you turn you are met with immense sadness. I guess that it has always been that way but it just seems that right now this overwhelming wretchedness is more pronounced. Maybe it’s because it’s easy to access information so you can know about everything terrible that’s happening in the world, your country, your city, your neighbourhood, in seconds.

In an attempt to self-care, I’m trying to balance my intake of the negative with things that make me laugh or be at peace with the world and myself. With its soft messages of hope and motivation, Shelby Cohen’s EP Hang in There is part of my self-care routine this week.

Cohen’s lo-fi approach to recording gives her EP an intimate feeling; as if she’s called you late at night and put you on speakerphone so she could share her new songs and tell you to hang in there. “Inhalation” focuses on the steady comforts of your own breathing that carry you through the darkest of times. “Big Ideas” actually begins with Cohen taking a big breath before she calmly offers words of support – “I will be there for you,” she whispers. Even in the darkness and loud uncertainty of “Weird Intemessy,” words of encouragement remain: “Tomorrow’s waiting.”

The hopeful spirit of Cohen’s Hang in There can best be summarized though in its opening line: “There’s a deafening sweetness, a silence that says we’re all right.”

We’re all right.

Top Track: “Inhalation”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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