Review – “Garbagio EP” – Garbagio

garbagio-epreviewed by Jackson Reed

Garbagio take you back to a hazy summer’s evening on Garbagio EP.

Swaying guitars, rollicking bass lines and soaring organs combine throughout the four songs that make up this post-tropical surf rock album. For years, James Wyatt Crosby has been cutting his production technique in the confines of his bedroom and under the study of the music industry’s greatest educators at Harris Institute. In the past year, his band has been gigging in the local Toronto scene with concerts at Smiling Buddha, the Central, the Rivoli and house shows presented by the young Hamilton promoter Zoe Smith.

Finally, the album has arrived, and it functions as a diary for a prolific young songwriter. Crosby abstains from the abrasive, irrelevant and often universal mysteries that capture our days and instead introduces themes of fast-paced nightlife and feeling “on top of the world”. The Garbagio EP embraces influences like Phil Spector and Mac DeMarco, with sounds that exhibit a personal exploration of the 60’s musical style. Hometown hero’s for the band also a play a role, with nods to Timber Timbre and BadBadNotGood, as can be heard in Snij Winkit’s drumming and Emily Jacklin’s humming synthesizer.  The tracking work is done by the band and maintains a mix of performance, tender songwriting, and their signature youthfulness that entertains for days.
Standout track “On Top Of The World” begins with the sound of a tape whirling up, reverb-drenched snare hits and an announcer tending to a party. The melody is a beautiful key line doubled with electric guitar. It is smooth, but sloppy at once. At the two minute mark, the tempo lifts and a crowd of people jump up and down. Remembering what it feels like to be young and infinite, for only a moment of time.

Top Track: “OTOW”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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