Audible/Visual Hoots: Debbie Summer, KASHKA, Heaven & the Ghosts, & more

Debbie Summer
Debbie Summer

Debbie Summer – shitty love songs too

Debbie Summer’s (Becca Howes) shitty love songs too is two songs spilling over with fuzzy pop and lust. Howes sings of the aftermath of a kiss on halloween (“denim coat”) and daydreaming of the owner of the sweater she’s wearing (“snowing”). Both tracks are soft and blue and fit for your pining playlist. – Laura Stanley

KASHKA – “Heavy Ghost”

A while back KASHKA released her first new single in a while, and now that uplifting, synth-y single gets the video treatment. We follow Kat Burns on Toronto Island, who at first seems to be aimlessly wandering, perhaps looking for inspiration. But it soon becomes clear what she’s trying to do. It’s a simple ending but has a kind of gentle power to it. KASHKA will also be releasing a new album in 2017, so there’s that to look forward too as well! –Michael Thomas

Heaven & the Ghosts – “Old Vacations”

This Edmonton group’s ambitious-sounding POINSETTIA album (out Jan. 17) sounds like it’ll be quite a trip if the first single is anything to go on. The group’s music is based in folk but branches out into baroque pop, anchored by the voices of Heaven Brownell, Tiana Barnes and Kaiya Derkach- Kodie. “Old Vacations” beings with gentle piano before easing in bass and drums, continuing to build in strength in unpredictable ways. It’s a great opening statement. –MT

Floor Cry – “The Waiting Game” 

As the blog’s resident floor cryer, I have also become the resident Floor Cry fangirl. On “The Waiting Game,” the newest song from Felicia Sekundiak (Floor Cry), Sekundiak returns to her hazy, forlorn sounds which mirror the slow passing of time she laments about in the lyrics. Sekundiak will be releasing her new album Sad Heart sometime this year so for now, we play the waiting game. – LS

J Blissette – “Love Letter”

Rising from the ashes of Ruby Plumes is J Blissette, who is going down the glam-punk route. “Love Letter” has a manic energy, infused with some wicked guitar solos and hand claps. Blissette’s lyric show some steam that needs to be let off, and it’s a good song to lose yourself in. –MT

Windmills – “Sierra Nevada”

Windmills’ (Cory Myraas) “Sierra Nevada” is a lush melancholic number about, what else, heartbreak. Its determinate pace and electro-tinged instrumentals – which get louder as the song develops – makes me think that this melancholic is temporary though and while surveying the Sierra Nevada, Myraas found some clarity. – LS

Akage No Anne – “Special Train (Winter Version)”

Perhaps this should have made its way onto the blog around Christmas, given the jingle bells that begin the song, but its warmth will get you through the whole winter. The warm guitars and intense drumming make this another beautifully sunny song, even when the guitar-playing amps up to punk levels. This group really knows how make the happiest-sounding punk music ever. –MT

Harfang – “Pleasure” 

Quebec City band Harfang are starting 2017 off with a fantastic new track! “Pleasure” grows from the sounds of an unhurried, moody keyboard into this multi-layered beast with so much to wrap your head around – the vocoder usage alone is jarringly good. I’m always reluctant to compare bands to other bands but “Pleasure” has a Bon Iver 22, A Million vibe to it so if you love the world of Justin Vernon, you may dig this one too. – LS

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