Review – “Sweetlow” – Pippa

a0685422839_10reviewed by Laura Stanley

Pippa’s Sweetlow is a smoooth listen. Sam Pippa’s songs are all blurred from a patchouli haze – her voice swaying in sync with the billowing smoke. The keyboard that can be heard tinkling throughout the album sounds like it might have a side gig at a 70s discotheque but then these bass synth notes wobbling in songs’ background might have been stripped from an 80s movie soundtrack. “Splinter” balances these decadal instrumentations the best.

Elsewhere, the instrumentation tauntingly swirls (“Ah Ha!”), is practically impenetrable (“Don’t You”), or makes you want to take up long boarding and move to California (“Blue Temple”). Within this dreamscape, there’s two tracks that drag you the deepest into the haze – “Not A Thing” and “Do It.”

“Not A Thing” makes me think that I’ve entered the backroom, obviously with beads hanging from the door frame, of a new-age book store looking for an expert’s opinion on love. It’s an ethereal track that has a mystical quality to it; “if it’s not in your heart, don’t say it,” Pippa so wisely croons. On album closer “Do It,” Pippa’s powerfully dreamy presence returns as she dances around a simple piano line repeating this autonomous mantra: “do it for you.”

Sweetlow is as memorable as the vivid pink packaging of Sweet n’ Low except it doesn’t have that horrible aftertaste.

Top Tracks: “Not a Thing” ; “Do It”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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