Review – “Rose Petal Pie” – BB Cream

a0795672583_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

Just as BB Cream’s self-titled album was a salve for my summertime ennui, Rose Petal Pie is comfort food on a chilly winter night.

BB Cream’s latest is a continuation of the lo-fi off-kilter pop-punk that lit up BB Cream plus a little extra dollop of goodness that comes in the form of a trumpet and more gang vocals. Tucked up into the messy, fiercely struck guitar chords and distractingly poppy melodies are these impassioned, always honest, observations and stories about love/lust/fucking/hanging out – however you may classify your relationship with another person. BB Cream are angry and sweet and funny and sad and harsh and gentle; unceasing polarities.

Like on “3 AM” Alanna Why, is so strikingly honest as she sings, “You’re a lazy lover and a disappointment but I’m an obsessive and I enjoy it. Am I tired of you, or am I just bored of me?” and then later on the unsettled “Half Right” Why shows her crimson heart again admitting, “Said I didn’t care about anyone but myself, well you were half right.”

Amongst the distorted chaos and musings about relationships, “Don’t Make Friends (Based On Band Shirts)” and “Gentle Lover” stand out. In the former, BB Cream offer up a cautionary tale: just because someone is wearing a shirt with your favourite band on it, doesn’t automatically make them your best friend. They could turn out to be super cool but that person wearing a faded, tour shirt from 2006 could also be an asshole. The latter, “Gentle Lover,” is another messy track that expands with so much carefree love at the beginning, only to pop by song’s end – “I said I liked music, you said that you didn’t. So I wrote you a song, you’ll never hear it.”

I’m super bummed to read that BB Cream played their last show in November so savour their records. RIP BB Cream!

Top Tracks: “Don’t Make Friends (Based On Band Shirts)”; “Gentle Lover”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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