Review – “Zsa Zsa’s Window Opens Slowly” – Inland Island

a2394473508_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

Pretend that it’s not cold outside and the snow hasn’t become that dirty grey colour. Fast forward to a few months from now: your window’s open and the warm, spring air seeps in. You can hear laughter and bicycle bells and birds. In those dark months, you temporarily forgot about the powers of the sun but now it pours into the window and recharges you. You’re getting ready to go out to meet your crush and you’re super nervous and excited.

That’s what Inland Island’s Zsa Zsa’s Window Opens Slowly sounds like to me. Avalon Rossignol-Tassonyi’s (Inland Island) sunny lo-fi bedroom-pop music is suspended by hope, happiness, and fear; the musical equivalent of butterflies in your stomach.

Each song is gently delivered as though Rossignol-Tassonyi is sitting cross-legged on your bed telling you their stories (which are both light and dark) and offering words of encouragement as you get ready. “You don’t need to be a certain way…you can walk away from anything. You can have another second chance,” Rossignol-Tassonyi sings to you in the courageous “Mistake Your Findings.” Within the muted hues of “The Blue Hour,” they sing to Zsa Zsa (a deity-like figure who’s throughout the album) and share their story of love and comfort, “I feel safe around you,” they repeat.

Elsewhere on Zsa Zsa’s Window Opens Slowly, Rossignol-Tassonyi tells the gender binary and gender roles to fuck off. The story of “Bran (Germ)” is an ode to self-care and “Nocturnal One” is an impossibly bright track that overflows with love and positivity. “There is nothing wrong with you,” Rossignol-Tassonyi repeats over and over again in the latter track. It’s such a beautiful song, I had to cry for a bit after my first listen and then play it again.

By record’s end, you’re ready to go out (don’t forget your key!), take on the world, and impress your crush too.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Top Tracks: “Mistake Your Findings”; “Nocturnal One”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good) + *swoop*


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