Review – “Your True Emblem” – The Cyrillic Typewriter

the-cyrillic-typewriter_yte_coverfront_med-770x771reviewed by Laura Stanley

The year is finally coming to a close. The universe has been unkind and these remaining days should be spent in reflection, renewal, and making a viable plan to help make 2017 a Good Year. So what do you listen to during these final days? How about Your True Emblem

The album from Vancouver’s The Cyrillic Typewriter (Jason Zumpano) is at times dissonant and harsh but at others, soft and mostly compiled of floating, frantic whispers. In “Jeer,” Zumpano et co. taunt us with a shuddering bowed guitar and the light and airy strokes of a keyboard, the repetitive “Sad Mud” acts like a death knell for the year, and the panicked guitar plucks of “Magnet Draw” are woven into a tangled web of attraction. “Evening Mirrors” is perhaps the most relaxing offering from The Cyrillic Typewriter – the only song whose fear is subdued for a substantial period of time. It’s like when the sun sets and there’s those beautiful fleeting moment when the sky is on fire, burning away the hectic day, before we’re plunge into darkness and have to endure a feverish night.

The four part “Slicing the Black Wave,” scattered throughout Your True Emblem, is another highlight. Beginning with a screeching, morse code-like call, what follows in the subsequent parts are eerie, ghostly sounds that are never really whole. Your ears are filled with the black wave and the sounds are muted and unknown. Like the album as a whole, you feel anxious for what comes next.

Top Tracks: “Evening Mirrors”; “Slicing the Black Wave 1-4”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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