Review – “Saturnine” – Bird Feet

a3132972509_10reviewed by Laura Stanley

Like the name suggests, Saturnine is a gloomy EP. Bird Feet’s (Kimberly Edgar) steps are slow and sound like they are getting heavier with each one taken. The sluggishness is akin to that of Vulva Culture but also of someone so overwhelmed with emotion that they can’t lift their feet off of the ground.

I really like the anger of this EP. It’s an anger directed mostly towards others but sometimes Edgar hurls it towards herself. “I am forever an amateur,” she sluggishly slurs at the end of “Messages.” “I want to set myself on fire, I want to watch me burn,” she spits in “Beacon.” Throughout, Edgar’s guitar matches the sentiments behind Edgar’s words, wobbling and screeching deliberately. The guitar’s reverb in “Moon” swirls the song into a fever dream state and bends in “Punks” like Edgar does when she rolls her eyes and sings “WooowoOOOWoowooww, you’re so fucking cool” And the epic “Punks” is the highlight of Saturnine. Edgar takes her time gloriously calling out a certified dude-bro for being a misogynistic asshole for heavenly results.

Throw on Saturnine next time you’re pissed off and you may find some comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

Top Track: “Punks”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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