Review – “FreeZe eP” – Pompey

a3142679826_10reviewed by Laura Stanley

When it’s winter, many of us hope that our lives will mirror nature. Meaning that all the crappy stuff going on will freeze, die, and by spring’s thaw, life will be anew and everything will be better.

In his latest release FreeZe eP, it would seem that Alex Kasirer-Smibert (Pompey) also has this temperate desire for everything to be put on hold. Throughout, he returns to one simple sentiment over and over again: “I’d rather freeze.”

Pompey’s minimalism and penchant for short songs impressed Jack earlier this year and with this one, he’s stuck to the same small-scale approach, presenting the entire EP as a single 7+ minute song. Throughout though, Pompey splits the 7+ minutes into distinct pieces while the pattering of rain in the background comes and goes to let you know that hours, days, or maybe weeks, have passed in between the making of each segment.

During the first few minutes, Pompey’s sparsely plucked acoustic guitar allows his sadness – caused by the absence of someone he loves – spread out and surround him. Around the four minute mark, we visit “the attic” of Pompey’s mind and “the basement” of his heart where he sounds as ghostly as the hovering apparition of the one he loves.

The EP ends the way it begins, drenched in rain. Pompey, hunched over his iPhone, sounds cold and miserable. He shuffles around and makes an undecipherable metallic sound. Maybe he’s putting his guitar away until the next bout of sadness or maybe he’s unlocking the door to see if it’s snowing yet. In any case, his chilling departing wish is to be numb; “I’d rather freeze.” 

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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