Review – “Vergers” – Sarah Davachi

vergersreviewed by Jack Derricourt

Vergers is the sound of ghosts moving through a landscape at 12:24 am. Slushy snow on the ground, fading creak of footsteps walking away on the pavement, wind gusts rising over a cliff and into the open air of the night.

It’s also an ambient album that is decadent and sweet.

Sarah Davachi from Vancouver has assembled a lovely assortment of synths on this three track release. The production puts you right in the action, feeling the swoon that lies in the swirling melodies of “gentle so gentle.” That 21-minute epic is a maximalized dream of floating intermixed melodic lines playing out slowly over the course of the track — soothing, too.

All the tracks are slow burners. It’s a pure winter of an album. The thrum of “ghosts and all” is like the night hag (look it up) on your chest: an immense, building terror that leaves you tense and paralyzed — but in a fun way. “in staying” is like a universal telephone call where the dial tone just explodes over an infinite distance.

Davachi’s been doing good stuff for a while now, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that Vergers is solid ambient material. But it does surprise: it’s an original work and a real trip to listen to. Even while the snow turns to slush outside.

Top Track: “gentle so gentle”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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