Review – “Resolving Host” – Year of Glad

a3541697774_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

We rely on the internet too much. It’s made us isolated and afraid to do or look at anything that lies beyond a screen. Year of Glad have provided a soundtrack for those of us who are trapped in this hellish technological vortex but dream of escaping.

Resolving Host is like diving deep into the hallows of the darknet; it’s mysterious and gloomy and you are continually on edge. Throughout the EP, A.P. Bergeron’s voice is never clear and always casted in a shroud of skittery guitar wails or submerged by waves of electronics. In “teetotum,” Bergeron’s screams become almost inhuman and in closer “Jerome” he battles a constant electronic hum and a host of horns to get his voice heard. He nearly loses. 

In the EP opener “Post Reach” we hear another battle: the gentle plucks of a banjo duck and run for cover amid a flurry of miscellaneous electronics but the banjo perseveres. It gives off the final sound of the song, leaving us with the feeling that maybe there is life beyond the electronic din. The title track picks up this near invisible thread of optimism. An acoustic guitar moves in tandem with a simple wordless melody, electronics flicker on the periphery, and lift the song to an elevation where there’s no cell service and you can hear your own thoughts.

Listen to this one and then unplug for a few days. Begin anew.

Top Tracks: “Post Reach”; “Resolving Host”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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