Review – “At Work On Several Things” – Jons

at-workreviewed by Jack Derricourt

Lazy-gentle: that’s how I would describe Jons’ newest release. At Work On Several Things is dream pop of slow-dissolving greatness.

This album is a slack fest — literally, the guitar strings sound like they’re bending under the weight of chillllllllllll. I was a big fan of the smoky rain moments of “Gutter Master”, as well as the jarring mess of “Hotel.” There’s a bit of everything on this psychedelic mood trip of a record.

The production keeps some distance in the sound. Vocals often come out sounding like the bit of Syd Barrett that everyone likes, and the guitars waver like honey-dripping willow trees. Yes, you’ll get your dose of psych from this one boys and girls. And you’ll even get a dose of Strokes-crooning on “Retirement.”

My two top picks for the Jons are closer “Take Me Along” — which soothed me with Scott Walker whisky vibes — and the rigid but satisfying “Equestrian Form.”

I like the brand of of rock and roll these folks pump out. It doesn’t insist upon its importance, it just has a lot going. Several things, actually. You should check them all out. Seriously.

Top Track: “Equestrian Form”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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