Review – “Happy Pop Family” – Monomyth

a3156476026_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

At the start of “High on Sunshine,” Monomyth’s Josh Salter, in a barely audible whisper, says, “sunshine!” And in that moment, he summarizes what the band’s latest record Happy Pop Family sounds like; a gentle, hazy utterance of sunny bliss.

The exchange of wobbly guitars in “Aloha” is reminiscent of the lapping waves of the ocean, the cruising rhythm of “Drinking in Bed in E” sounds better suited for a late night drive rather than a soporific night in, “New Year’s Resolve” bops and fizzes like inaugural fireworks, and “Falling in Love” is drenched in the same sweet syrup that engulfs your life when you fall in love.

Despite the sweet sounding disposition of Happy Pop Family, lyrically Monomyth’s album is kind of a downer which makes this light akin to that of a Vitamin D lamp in the middle of winter. It’s nourishing but it’s not bright enough to completely erase the surrounding depression.

Monomyth give us an honest look at the rock ‘n roll lyfe in “Re: Lease Life (Place 2 Go)” – it’s unstable and often lonely – shows us the many hues of a broken heart in “Cool Blue Hello” and what it’s like living in the frustrating and toxic vortex of trying to figure out if someone likes you (“Fuck With Me”).

True to its name, Happy Pop Family is a joyous brood of pop songs but dig a little deep and not everything is how it appears. The clouds roll in on this sunny day.

Top Tracks: “Re: Lease Life (Place 2 Go)”; “Falling in Love”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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