Premiere: Os Tropies – “The Soil”

the-soilTropicália is a style of music associated with Brazil, a type of music that combines Brazilian and African rhythms with a classic rock and roll sound. Outside of the country’s heroes like Gilberto Gil, there aren’t too many non-Brazilian acts getting in on the sound. Enter Os Tropies.

Originally formed as a Tropicália cover band, this album sees Os Tropies combining the music with psychedelia and other influences, along with socially conscious lyrics, for a wholly unique experience. The Soil means a number of things, from a metaphor for women’s bodies to the environmental issues we don’t think about nearly enough.

Songs like “Thinking Stop Thinking” will get you grooving with Latin rhythms while also challenging you: if you’re not thinking, what the hell are you doing? Often the band isn’t content to do a straight Tropicália song—”Tropicanadense” starts like a hypnotic, sultry song until a thick coating of fuzzy, off-kilter drums punches it up and changes it irreversibly. Similarly, half of “Love Song” sounds like it could be a simple, beautiful, Latin-American number to slow-dance to—until screeching guitars come in and temporarily shatter the peace. “Lua Escura” (which means “dark moon”) is one that gleefully fuses Brazilian rhythms with an almost pop sensibility.

Elsewhere, Os Tropies build up some truly terrifying songs. Early on there’s “Wicked Annabella,” a huge psych-rock number that builds an impenetrable wall of guitars and keys. “Isis Desvelada” starts with a long, synthy intro before bringing in a groovy bassline. Amy Medvick’s vocals waver between delicate and fierce…and then the song moves into a keys-fuelled psychedelic groove.

This album is packed to the brim with secrets to discover: discover them all in the player below before The Soil is officially released on November 26.

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