Review – “Fly Free Rock Angel” – Brazilian Money

reviewed by Jack Derricourt


A simple little echoing mess. That’s how you could start describing Brazilian Money. There’s a lot of no fuss on this quirky album called Fly Free Rock Angel.

Groovy drums and spaced-out vocals hold the key. This sound is starting to get old to me, but there’s still a lot to be done with lofi recording — and I damn well hope it never ends. The Mac will be supplanted by another shift some day, and flat caps will give way to some other trend, but it’s groovy while it lasts.

I really enjoyed “Face Tattoo.” It’s got a playful beat with plenty of tambourine, and a freaking crazy twang to the guitar. Melody finds fun spaces to dance around in the song as well — and it’s short and sweet too! Though as far as weird goes, “Infinite Monkey Cage” is pretty great; dissonance and gonzo journalism lyrics.

There are beach licks all over the album for those. Especially on “Nude Beach” and opener “Tin Hammer.” It’ll feed your good vibes and help keep the bad out.

“It Ain’t Over (Til The Fat Lady Sings)” is the big one. A shouted chorus always does it for me. And the bass line is jumping, while the guitar just gesticulates with arpeggios and punctuating stereo licks.

Some of you will have heard of Brazilian Money before. They’re beloved in bars and record shops all over Canada. But if you’ve never heard them before, you’ll still be able to put Fly Free Rock Angel on and get a good grasp on one fact: this is a good band, and they’ve made a record to be proud of. There’s a good bit of many different types of pop on offer here, so I doubt you’ll walk away from a listen without feeling contented. Give it a whirl!

Top Track: “It Ain’t Over (Til The Fat Lady Sings)”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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