Premiere: Viewing Party – “Doll House”

Viewing Party
Viewing Party

After putting out a rough DIY bedroom recording in 2014, Winnipeg post-pop band Viewing Party are ready to invite you back to their soirée and this time they promise to not to be as messy.

“Doll House,” the first song from their forthcoming EP On that will be released January 13th, is a slick track that continually moves from dreary to shimmery – a sound the band describes as “equally influenced by regged post-punk and blissful art-pop”. Lyrically, “Doll House” has a bit of an unsettling, Ibsen-like vibe to it as lead singer Oliver Farkas gives us this foreboding message: “leave the house before it’s set on fire/give me a vaccine, it’s getting hard enough to breathe.”

“Doll House” will also be included on Winnipeg label Birthday Tapes‘ compilation cassette Birthday Wishes Vol 1 – which will feature a bunch of our friends too like Micah Visser, Floor Cry, and Orlando Gloom – due out December 28th.

Listen to “Doll House” below:

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