Behind the Hoots: October


“Medicating” – Overlapse (Lyrics by: Quin Kiu, Aeon Rhys, Marie Ko)

My ideas are my seller and you’re not giving me a dollar.

I love this line because it shows the hurt of being completely ignored by a partner who they’ve completely fallen for. The song is about two people in a destructive fucked up relationship, where each partner cannot seem to understand the other’s feelings so they deal with it by “medicating” themselves, cheating, partying.

Tiana Feng

“Virtute at Rest” – John K. Samson (Lyrics by John K. Samson)

Know I forgive you. Know I am proud of the steps that you’ve made. Know it will never be easy or simple. Know I will dig in my claws when you stray. So let us rest here, like we used to, in a line of late-afternoon sun. Let it rest — all you can’t change. Let it rest and be done.

In 2003, John K. Samson introduced us to a cat named Virtute. That year Virtute pleads with her master to recover from his depression and play with her once more. Virtute even offers to cater a party. Four years later, we catch up Virtute. Her owner is sicker, still depressed and now an alcoholic, and she is not properly cared for. She decides to leave her home and navigate the world alone.

And that’s the last we heard about Virtute and her owner until John K. Samson decided to bless us with the final chapter on Virtute’s story – the hushed closer of Winter Wheat. We learn that Virtute has died but her owner is more alive than ever. Virtute passes on a message of support and unconditional love even though she’s not physically present. She encourages peace and, above all, self forgiveness. Thank you Virtute. Thank you JKS.

– Laura Stanley

“Babylon” – Brenna Lowrie (Lyrics by Brenna Lowrie)

The lake’s glass
The lake’s fire
It holds all the stars that fell

Brenna Lowrie is referencing the Beast of Babylon, but what her interpretation is or what new insights she has is not clear. According to the Bible, The Whore of Babylon sat upon a scarlet beast with seven heads and ten horns. There have been centuries of speculation as to what both the beast and the woman signify, although it is reasonably certain that the “whore” represents the corrupting force of immorality.

I am intrigued by Lowrie’s lyrics, as they are enigmatic and fascinating. When she refers to a white horse I wonder whether she means the avenging force of Christianity fighting against a perceived evil. And perhaps the horse is as equally destructive as the beast? Or …. maybe the USA is Babylon, a powerful kingdom that exports immorality and greed?

It doesn’t bother me not being certain. Her imagery is beguiling, nevertheless. Beside I enjoy an unsolved mystery.

Mark Anthony Brennan

“The Spiral” – L CON (Lyrics by Lisa Conway)

I have been in love with you for 500 million years. And I don’t intend to have a love like this again.

Context is important. If these lyrics were in a handful of other songwriters’ hands, it would be an overwrought hyperbole of a deep love. But on Lisa Conway’s latest L CON album, space is personified in some ways. When you think about it, 500 million years isn’t a long time in space, so perhaps it’s a more fickle lover than we might think. And given that it’s already made up its mind on great loves, we’re doomed.

– Michael Thomas

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