Review – “The Devil Doesn’t Want You EP” – Betrayers

reviewed by Jack Derricourt


I’m a Betrayer. I know that because the buttons I got with the band’s first LP a few years told me so. Just so you understand the bias that’s been thrust upon me.

Betrayers is a band soaks you up. If you like anything about 60s mono rock records and pop vibes, and don’t have a problem with Edmonton having a stranglehold on those kinds of sounds in the Canadian wilderness, Betrayers are a godsend.

The band has been working steadily on their new LP, due to come out early next year under the working title of “Rock and Roll Yourself to Death”; but while we wait for that beautiful day, Betrayers have graced their fans and new ears alike with this tasty little EP.

Now, some thoughts on three killer tracks:

“The Devil Doesn’t Want You” – Moe Tucker drums, crushed down into the mix play along with flirting organ lines and guitars both dirty and clean. There are waving flowers of vocals, blooming on top of each other within the choruses, setting off the deadpan, rhythmic delivery of the verse lyrics. The gorgeous keys are played by Gregg Foreman of Cat Power fame.

“Spit Hood” is a ‘Riots in the Motor City’ of a song. No vocals, just heady, swerving groove.

“Now It’s Over” announces my sadness that the material from this killer band runs so short. Always short and sweet with Betrayers. The drums pound out a fatality — the guitars lift that same melancholy upwards into space with their sliding notes. “Over for you until the next time.” Couldn’t say it better myself.

Will you like it? I’ll just quote the band here:

“If you’re into weird shit you’ll like it.”

Top Track: “Spit Hood”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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