Review – “BANG” – Ginger Ale & The Monowhales

reviewed by Cissy Suena0587351855_10

Home is where the heart is and Toronto has always been home to numerous hard-hitting, passionate bands. Ginger Ale & The Monowhales are no different. The four-piece indie pop rock group – Zach Zanardo, Jordan Circosta, Holly Jamieson, and Sally Shaar on vocals – have taken the local Toronto scene by storm with their high energy performances and their recorded tracks not only reflect those infectious vibes but also proudly show off the strong musicality that is both the Monowhales and Toronto.

The opening track, “Home,” of their new EP BANG, encompasses all the above and more. Shaar’s bright vocals are set to Circosta’s clever drum work and catchy guitar progressions create an upbeat ode to the band’s home city.  The music video for the track features the much loved Toronto staples of Honest Ed’s, Kensington Market, High Park, Nathan Philips Square, and much more. Ginger Ale & the Monowhales take you “exactly where you need to go” (maybe even more than the six god himself).

Like “Home”, “Name For Myself” has a pop chorus surrounded with a clever rock body. Heavy guitars reverberate with Shaar’s power tones which are further accentuated by the chiming keys. “Let It Fall” keeps the strength of the record alive with echoing vocals and the addition of Jamieson’s synth harmonies.

“White Walls” hits the hardest, beginning with dynamic guitars and Shaar entering with ferocity. Zanardo’s guitar work brings to life an authentic punk element that sets the stage for the cornucopia of sounds that resolve in characteristic amplifier feedback. My favourite track off the record “Don’t Talk” exhibits the sensitivity of the group with the same dynamic instruments that set the stage of their distinctive aura.

From the darkest track (“White Walls”) to the light (“Don’t Talk”), the Monowhales have definitely translated their personalities and spirit into the record, but even more, displayed their musical talent in executing multiple genres with success. They’re never going to stop until they make it to the top, so what’re you waiting for? Hop on with the Monowhales.

Top Track: “Don’t Talk”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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