Audible/Visual Hoots: Anna Wiebe, Daniel Moir, Devarrow and more

Daniel Moir (Credit: Ori Nevares Photography)
Daniel Moir (Credit: Ori Nevares Photography)

Daniel Moir – “Seize Your Day”

Daniel Moir’s new album came about as he backpacked Indonesia, feeling the need to look again at what kind of role music plays in his life. The result is Swing and Sway, out Nov.1, the first single of which is “Seize Your Day.” There’s no carpe diem bullshit here, but rather a very pleasant guitar-based number with congas, at least for the first few minues. Later, a few licks of electric guitar and a wall of strings comes in to seize the day with greater gusto. –Michael Thomas

Emily Rockarts – “Crossing”

On “Crossing”, it sounds as if Emily Rockarts is hovering above everything. Which is not to insinuate that she’s dead – far from it. Rockarts is enlightened and her new engaging single embodies that. Mournful, minimalistic instrumentals and a pulsating electronic beat swirl in the bottom of the song’s frame as Rockarts glides high above this chaos. Up there she realizes she needs to make a change. – Laura Stanley

David Disher – “Theme from Blood Night 3

When a holiday-themed song is needed, David Disher is usually around to do that, either on his own or with Scarlett & Disher. This time, he’s created a theme song for the seminal 80s slasher flick Blood Night 3 (spoiler alert: the film doesn’t exist) and it’s as wonderfully creepy as you would expect. Frantic synths and a solid backing of drum machine will make your heart race as you pray that the victim will get away from the killer before it’s too late. –MT

Anna Wiebe – “New Behaviour” 

“I don’t want to be the sea that is as dead as the leaves,” Anna Wiebe sings to open her latest single “New Behaviour”. Given the weather, this intro makes Wiebe’s song ideal for grey skies and colder temperatures but Wiebe’s sonic style is anything but. The voice and folky style of the Guelph singer-songwriter radiates warmth and familiarity but never dullness. Consider us intrigued for whatever comes next. – LS

Erich Mrak – “Float”

Though clocking in at under two minutes, Toronto’s Erich Mrak packs plenty of pop goodness into it. Over production by Bento that includes some catchy guitar and off-kilter drum machine, Mrak asks “Can you float?” You’ll feel as if you’re gently floating along on air.  –MT

Devarrow – “Little Road”

Graham Ereaux aka Devarrow impressed us last year with his sophomore folk LP The Great Escape and has just put out a video for a song off of that record ahead of his third album to be released this spring. The video for “Little Road” follows a young pair driving through the streets of Sackville, NB and prepping for an armed heist – inspired by old western movies. It’s an exciting, and a little bit creepy, video that matches the adventuresome spirit of the song. – LS

Leif Vollebekk – Twin Solitude

 Though not a full song, per se, Leif Vollebekk is finally coming back with a new album in 2017, and he’s given us the first taste of what we can expect. And it won’t surprise you that his nakedly honest songwriting is just as magnetic as it always has been. There’s something about the quiet way he sings “The day is yours, the day is mine” that makes you think something beautiful is on the horizon. –MT


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