Review – “BBQT” – BBQT

a0197733748_16reviewed by Laura Stanley

BBQT’s debut EP reads like a recounting of a dalliance fuelled in part by charcoal smoke and too much sun. The ruckus-y group of ragged pop-punk tracks this St. John’s, NFLD squad have assembled begins with a sip of something fizzy, ends with a hangover, and the moments in between are filled with energy, friends, and heart-eyes.

In time with the chaotic zest of a sugar high, the BBQ begins pretty G rated with the simple desire to share a Pepsi with someone but then the “BBQT” steps into the frame. “I saw you at the barbecue, I wanted to go home with you,” Amery Sandford confidentially shouts. Life’s short, as is this song, so Sandford cuts right to it and, with the support of her friends, asks “will you be my BBQT?”

The song goes by in a flash so the question is left unanswered but in the following, and standout track, “Handsome Daredevil Bad Boy Kinda Guy” we get to know a little more about this cutie and what comes after their meet-cute. It’s a song that has a surf-rock vibe, bright despite its outward grunge. The “Handsome Daredevil Bad Boy Kinda Guy” in question drinks black coffee and smokes but there’s a boyish charm at play regardless of his label as it’s revealed that he picks up Sandford, or the heart-eyes giver she is channeling, for their date in his “mom’s SUV”.

Post-date night, we are greeted with a hangover and someone in our bed. The boppy power-chords of “Hangover Song” mirror the thumps from the headache that usually accompanies a hangover but thanks to the plucky instrumentation, that all of BBQT cruises along to, there’s no bad taste left in your mouth.

Serve it up.

Top Track: 
“Handsome Daredevil Bad Boy Kinda Guy”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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