Review – “Human Nature” – Kuri

kurireviewed by Jack Derricourt

Kuri make music with a mind to sit down and chat with you for a while. The kind of sound that doesn’t on insist on being heard, but when listened to, leads to interesting thoughts and moments. On the new EP Human Nature, Kuri and the assorted musicians produce another interesting thought, another distilled moment.

What struck me truest about the sound of the album was the careful placement of strings. I adore good strings on pop music. They’ve said it many times before, but string instruments are the closest thing to the human voice. On the tracks “Human Nature” and “Illumination” you really hear that element of humanity to those swelling, tittering strings.

The production of the EP lends itself to quiet moments and melodic guitar or piano leads. Everything stirs around Kuri’s pure voice, as the deep sonics of the album provide a space for percussion, vocal harmony and accompanying instrumentation to fill out a layered space. “A Dream” shows off this depth of sound best: layered vocals, horns, quick-paced piano, and trilling violins take off in a complicated dance — always popping, cruising off, exploring a long hallway of sound.

This is simply a good record, something that delights in its own musicality without pushing the boat out beyond the horizon. Something for everyone? Probably not, but there’s something alright.

Top Track: “Human Nature”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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