Review – “Sorrow and joy throng the gate, weal and woe in the same land” – Forager

reviewed by Jack Derricourt


You’ll forgive me my brief review. I have a plane flight to the U.K. tomorrow, and my mind is trailing off, distracted, unable to sit still and mull music like a good little reviewer.

Thankfully, Forager doesn’t ask you to make your mind peaceful before their spaceship noises begin. The new release, Sorrow and joy throng the gate, weal and woe in the same land is a welcome adjustment to the collection of buzzing cogs of daily life that go in and out of our ears all day long. The album is divided into chunks of spiritual gates that must be methodically passed before reaching the “Sanctum” of the “Dancing Monk.” It’s a pleasant musical journey.

The guitar is the only thing on the recordings. It holds sway over the pieces, guiding things off in an echo, then bringing the sound back to a stalwart melody and rhythm. If you like your listening minimal, this will do it for you, with bows on.

The record Forager has made will satisfy cold weather days and quiet moments. Like I said at the beginning, the album doesn’t demand that you come to it with a quiet mind, but I’d like to think you’ll finish listening to it with a sense of breadth and breath. Yeah.

Top Track: “The Third Gate”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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