Premiere: iansucks – “don’t give in to the bad feelings”


Back in late 2014, we were taken by the charming self-deprecation of Winnipeg band iansucks as heard on their debut album boring stuff go awayOn their sophomore album don’t give in to the bad feelings, iansucks are no less honest with listeners – sadness and anxieties are abound – but the self-pity we heard before has melted away and been replaced with courage. It’s not boundless confidence but there’s enough nerve here to not give in to the bad feelings.

Formerly a collaborative project between Emma Mayer (Figure) and Ian Ellis (Animal Teeth, Boats), iansucks has expanded to include Kelly Beaton (Les Jupes, All Of Your Friends) and Adam Nikkel (Animal Teeth). don’t give in to the bad feelings, as a result, is much richer than their debut. The songs, recorded at home and in jam spaces, roll from brightly guitar driven (“Spring’) to melancholic distortion (“Person Box”). Horns get their say about these bad feelings (“Warioland”) as do keys (“Bedtime”) and a smattering of crunchy electronic beats (“Shorts”).

don’t give in to the bad feelings is a 14 track confessional pop powerhouse. “Sensible, heartfelt music, relatable to all, played by some,” as the band describes.

Take a listen to the whole album below and check out iansucks’ “eastward tour” dates below that.

~~~ iansucks eastward tour ~~~

October 6 – @ Goodwill Social Club, Winnipeg w/ Slow Spirit, The Shoal Lake Kid
October 7 – @ The Apollo, Thunder Bay
October 8 – @ Gore Street Cafe, Sault Ste. Marie
October 9 – @ Smiling Buddha, Toronto
October 10 – @ The Garnet, Peterborough
October 11 – @ Pressed, Ottawa
October 12 – @ La Plante, Montreal
October 13 – @ Le Cagibi, Montreal
October 14 – @ 42Jane, Guelph
October 15 – @ Refined Fool, Sarnia

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