Premiere: Jennifer Holub – “The Wolf”


Earlier this year Sudbury singer-songwriter Jennifer Holub released her album For The Haunting and Grayowl Point is proud to premiere the stunning video for the new single from that album, “The Wolf.”

In the video, we follow a woman exploring the woods trying to track down evidence that a wolf has been present. As the song and video progresses and Holub’s lyrics become more and more chilling – at one point she sings, “‘I wasn’t the first, I won’t be the last.’ It’s gotta be stopped but these ain’t crimes yet” – it’s clear that the woman has been sexually assaulted by “the wolf” and now must collect enough evidence against him. As Holub tells us, this processes of searching and cataloging is a metaphor for “the degrading and frustrating task of providing evidence once a sexual assault has occurred.”

Directed, produced, and edited by Shawn Kosmerly (Here Kitty Kitty Productions), “The Wolf” is yet another reminder to #believewomen.

Watch the video below:

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