Audible/Visual Hoots: JonoJosh, Carly Dow, Daniel Terrence Robertson and more


JonoJosh – “Birds”

The debut single from Toronto’s JonoJosh soars. “Birds” effortlessly glides from an a cappella opening – introducing us to the power of JonoJosh’s voice – to a soulful pop groove to a smokey guitar solo. It’s about finding your footing in a rocky world and rising above the crap it throws at you. A must hear song for the Fall. – Laura Stanley

Carly Dow – “Something Lost”

Carly Dow stunned us in 2015 with her debut Ingrained, and her banjo-centric song “Something Lost” reminds us again why she’s so enchanting. The video comes from her recent trip to the Yukon, where she was one of only 10 artists across Canada to attend the Canadian Wilderness Artist Residency—and the only musician among them. The emotional song mixes well with the gorgeous scenery and is contrasted with the peaceful expressions on everyone’s face. –Michael Thomas

Daniel Terrence Robertson – “God I’m Sorry”

Back in May, Jack reviewed Daniel Terrence Robertson’s (of Heard in the MountainsDeath but on October 7th, Daniel Terrence Robertson is giving Death another go, re-releasing the re-mastered album via Heavy Lark. In anticipation of Death‘s second coming, Robertson has released a trippy video, which he directed himself, for the track “God I’m Sorry.” Shaking white shapes – sometimes resembling faces, sometimes flowers, sometimes nimbostratus clouds – swell and wane in tune to the song for a ghostly effect and engrossing results. – LS

Dark Mean – “Settle Down”

Thank god Dark Mean haven’t gone anywhere. They’ve been quiet for the last few years, sure, but their resurfacing always means gorgeous new music is just around the corner. That gorgeous new music this time around is “Settle Down,” a song that seems best paired with watching a beautiful sunset from the comfort of a lawn chair and someone you love. Shouted vocals and a leisurely, sorrowful guitar line mingle with a sprinkle of keyboards for a song you’ll want to soak in for many nights to come. –MT

Loveland – Vanilla A.B.

There’s a Pitchfork Over/Under video with Mitski where she calls Vanilla ice cream underrated and says, in part, that vanilla is, “the most perverted flavour of all the ice creams…a good vanilla is like touching God.” It’s with a similar gusto to try and change the narrative surrounding vanilla that we find Halifax band Loveland on their two song EP Vanilla A.B. Both tracks – “Vanilla Vibrancy” and “By The Way” – are r&b slow jams that glisten with synths and are about as colourful and fun as an 80s tracksuit. Anything but boring. – LS

Akage no Anne – “Sunshine (makes my body strong)”

There’s something low-key inspirational about the latest song from this Toronto group. It’s hard not to think about this song as the closing credits to an anime given where they got their name—the repetition of the title in the first 2:30 and the lo-fi backing beat make for a unique impression. But in the final minute, things get slower and more sensual, especially with the added trumpet. It even ends with the singer saying “Have a nice summer” and what’s better than that? –MT

Lovers Touch – “Found A Friend”

West coasters Lovers Touch travel back in time on their latest track. “Found A Friend” is a homage to all of those ’70s jams about friendship complete with a smooth groove and sizzling falsetto. Listen to this one and then hug a friend – LS

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