Premiere: À La Mode – “Total Doom”


Ahead of Thursday’s release of Winnipeg band À La Mode’s debut album Perfection Salad, Grayowl Point is pleased to present the video for the record’s off-kilter pop single “Total Doom”.

Shot in the living room of directors/co-creators Stephanie Kolbuck and David Skene (formerly of The Zorgs) on a tight budget of less than $200, the video for “Total Doom” is a colourful and visually pleasing exploration of lust. We follow a woman (played by À La Mode’s Dominique Lemoine) going through the steps of developing a crush, a role cleverly played by a mannequin – who oddly resembles the “creation” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Lemoine tells us a little more about the concept of the video:

The song’s narrator is a chronic crusher who isn’t able to control their feelings for someone, despite feeling afraid of getting hurt. In the video, the mannequin literally serves as the object of the narrator’s attention. It’s just another person to swoon over; just another situation to supply both familiarity and excitement.

Steph and Dave took the concept and brought it to life with their strong creative vision. I had seen their work before (they made a great video for their former band The Zorgs) and I was excited to work with them because I find their highly stylized aesthetic appealing.

Watch below:

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