Review – “Songs of Blood” – In the Blood in the Flesh

reviewed by Jack Derricourt


Songs of Blood sounds like it should be some epic power metal album, made to squash the minds of the puny and the innocent. But it’s actually the most zen release I’ve heard so far this fall.

In the Blood in the Flesh seems to take up that space that I reserve in my imagination for Halifax: the moody, introspective, and the completely unique. The waves of tone that drift through “A” and “B” fill me with calm. There are moments of pure stress during this time of year, when the chaos returns to the streets, and I up my coffee intake by a few gallons; so I feel that Songs of Blood is an appropriate title, and the music contained therein an appropriate cure, for what ails me during this repetitive season.

“B” is for, all intents and purposes, manipulated silence. It’s the kind of thing most people probably wouldn’t pay money for. Are you curious yet?

“A” on the other hand is what a lot of ambient and drone fans will crave. The sonics are super simple, with pulses and muffled melody keeping the rhythms going as some guests parade across the stage. You need good headphones to truly appreciate the depth of these sound constructions, that’s for sure.

I think Songs of Blood is a lovely oddity to add to your Canadiana collection. Give it a whirl.

Top Track: The space between “A” and “B”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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