Premiere: Raine Hamilton – “Robin Hood”


From her first introduction two years ago, Raine Hamilton has always been a small, but undeniable force. Her latest video for “Robin Hood,” which debuts today ahead of an upcoming tour and album, takes full advantage of that presence as it captures an intimate performance that relies—as it should—on Hamilton’s mesmerizing voice.

Backed by three other strings on stage at the Winnipeg’s West End Cultural Centre, Hamilton again plays to her strengths, pairing her voice with a beautiful, traditional melody to set off of the gentle twang of a rich, bluegrass influence. It’s a nod to her medievalist training, with a Masters in the music of that period from the University of Ottawa, that comes through both in the plucking of the notes and the very theme—the poetic telling of a hero’s beginnings.

“Robin Hood represents the archetype of the selfless hero,” she explains. “Someone whose sense of compassion extends far beyond themselves, who uses their life for the benefit of all beings. This song tells the story of Robin Hood answering the call to this way of life; It depicts the hero stepping between worlds, weaving together his earthly life with the spiritual calling of service to all beings.”

Watch it below:

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