Review – “As You Wish” – Babygirl

13507060_1182345601828764_3567220588524854333_nreviewed by Laura Stanley

Does fate have a role in the music we hear? Like when you put your music on shuffle, press play, and the perfect song comes on. What’s that about? Some much needed rain was unleashed on Toronto this morning and while it was pouring, I settled into my desk and decided (their cute technicolor album art was very inciting) to give Toronto duo Babygirl a spin. When I pressed play, I was met with the slightly distorted voice of Kirsten Clark singing back to me my feelings: “It’s raining out on Kipling Avenue/I’d rather be in Malibu/I’d rather be in front of you.” And just like that, I was hooked.

Part of what makes Babygirl’s debut EP As You Wish so appealing is its ability to forge an emotional connection with listeners. It might not be within the first seconds like me but it will happen. As You Wish is a collection of songs that take an honest look at a lot the crappy stuff that life throws at us and as a result, the EP is washed with uncertainty and melancholy – traits that are instantly relatable.

In “It’s Getting Late”, from which the above lyric resides, Babygirl are restless and it doesn’t just show in the song’s fuzzy power-pop style. Clark is eager for a change of scenery and for something or someone to shake her out of the mundane daily grind. This wanderlust comes up again a little later in “Everything’s Happening Without Me” as we find Clark standing still and struggling again with monotony as a flurry of activity surrounds her.

In the EP’s other two tracks, Babygirl are lovesick. The sullen “Overbored” is flooded with misery as Clark mourns a relationship while grappling with being an insignificant speck in the universe and in the closer “Unwant You,” a melancholic piano-based track, we hear Clark and the other half of Babygirl Cameron Breithaupt trying to confront their fears when it comes to love for an emotional m/f call-response-type track.

So, are you in need of moody pop music that will make you feel things? As you wish.

Top Track: “It’s Getting Late”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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