Audible/Visual Hoots: KASHKA, RALPH, Look Vibrant & more


James x Tega – “Juice”

“Juice” is a collaboration between two fairly mysterious newcomers James and TEGA but by the sound of their track, they probably won’t be mysterious for too much longer. Amongst a throbbing house-like electronic beat, “Juice” is about being free and feeling ~good~. Drink it up! – Laura Stanley

KASHKA – “Heavy Ghost”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard an official single from Kat Burns’ project KASHKA, but that has changed with “Heavy Ghost,” a pop-rock number with a generous sprinkling of synthesizers. It’s a song we can all relate to—it’s about breaking through sadness and not letting it take over your life. Your new anthem? –Michael Thomas

Mathew V – “If I’m Enough”

Any day now, you will Vancouver’s Mathew V on your local pop radio station – that’s how appealing his debut single is. “If I’m Enough” is a passionate admittance of love/lust filled with the anxieties and uncertainties that always fill such proclamations. Sonically, the track is right in line with recent trends in music – that soul-pop mix a la Sam Smith – but Matthew V manages to make his song sound fresh. – LS

Folks & Pines – “Where Have We Gone”

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since we premiered this sibling band’s debut EP. They’re back with a beautiful new offering that shows off some great vocal harmonies over soothing folk instrumentation. At the beginning you can hear a faint hit of keys before Gabby Rights guides the listener through. At first she asks “Where have you gone?” before she realizes “you” aren’t the only person that’s not there anymore. –MT

Darrelle London – “T-Shirt”

Are you overly attached to the extensive collection of band shirts you or your partner (or maybe both!) own? Then you will love Darrelle London’s “T-Shirt.” In the video for the standout track from her album Tangerine and Blue, London sings of missing her love and seeking, temporary, comfort in his t-shirts all while wearing an array of different band shirts herself. A sweet video for a sweet song. – LS

ICELANDIA – “Paper Suns”

The 80s-esque, danceable synth-pop from Kelowna trio is fun song to get you grooving this summer, but the music video takes it to a whole new level. Filmed in Kelowna as well as the Grand Cayman Islands, there’s a lot of scenery to admire when you’re not staring in awe at the “wooden” creatures that swarm the landscape. Those “creatures” are actually wearing suits that took seven hours to paint, so enjoy both the catchy synth-pop and the effort that went into this stunning video. –MT

RALPH – “Something More”

Buzzy Toronto artist RALPH has returned with a sparkling new track that definitely needs to be a late addition to your summer 2016 playlist. Inspired by Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None” series, “Something More” deals with the wanderlust and existential crises many twenty-something year olds face. Despite these lyrical anxieties, “Something More” is an infectious pop track that’s ripe for dancing. So get a bunch of your friends over, take a break from your worries, and dance to “Something More”. – LS

Look Vibrant – “Bull & Eagle”

This Montreal group has a boundless store of energy seen in their hyperkinetic shows and their equally speedy work. Their latest single, “Bull & Eagle,” seems to move at 1000 km/h, with quick, summery guitar licks and an underpinning of moderately off-kilter keys to give it some extra spice. Put this one on repeat. –MT

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