Review – “Do You Need a Buddy?” – Jacuzzi Perth

12274219_710178325788435_2758526316924001350_nreviewed by Laura Stanley

Do You Need a Buddy? Jacuzzi Perth asks us. Yes! Everyone needs a buddy. The world is a dark and scary place but it tends to be less so when you have someone to lean on. And hey, it doesn’t even have to be a romantic buddy, it could be your dog or a good friend like Scott Brown – hi! – like Jacuzzi Perth has so wonderfully depicted in the album art for their EP.

The 4 tracks of Do You Need a Buddy from Jacuzzi Perth (Brendan Allison) are a whirlpool of slacker-pop, the everyday things of life, and the sadness that comes with them. In “Vice Life” Allison begins with a homage to The Pursuit of Happiness, repeating “I’m an adult” in between listing some adult-like activities. But as the song progresses, Allison’s confidence in being an adult quickly falters when he realizes a lot of being an adult is doing stuff alone and exclaims, “I’m not ready and I’ll never be!” The hazy closer “Spark Arrestors” – burning with end of summer blues – finds Allison in a reflective state and anxious about the coming winter but finds some strength in his friends and concludes, “I’m luckier than most.”

The deliciously bummer track “Put You On” is the EP’s highlight. The instrumentals mix of distortion and delay makes a thick coat of grime, the same grime that has colonized the room of our protagonist. As things get more grungy, it becomes clearer the reason for the depressive state of “Put You On”: a girl that lingers in the back of Allison’s head, out of arms reach, but spinning around and around like a record.

Grab your buddy and some buds and put on Jacuzzi Perth. Things will probably feel a lot better.

Top Track: “Put You On”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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