Review – “Chat” – Jaunt

reviewed by Jack Derricourt


Jaunt are an attempt to instil a relaxed, cool mood in an ever-anxious world. Their muted synth tones and laconic, falsetto vocals are a Sunday nectar, capable of easing the end of a week, as it congeals into another glorious mess of time and money.

The Toronto act celebrated the release of their newest EP, Chat, at Cinecycle just last week, and the album certainly sounds freshly pressed. When Jaunt launch into their first track, “Hello,” it feels like they’re greeting a new season, with all the energy and joy that surrounds such a salutation.

Jaunt’s ethos is so present all over the album. “Comfortable” is both the anchoring track and the best way to describe the band’s sound. Even in their band photo, they’re enclosed in a fuzzy-looking blanket, keeping out the rougher edges of the world. The song comforts with fat, foot-dragging bass lines; with curlicue guitar melody pluckings; with a yacht rock drum line; and with hushed voices telling a tale of personal sympathy. All of these elements are recorded in a wall of sound, no part of the arrangement insisting on its dominance, the importance of the whole paying off as elements drift in and out of the mix.

I really can’t say enough about how lazily, sun-reflecting-off-the-lake wonderful “WDYCM” is. Repetition is king on the lovingly melodic track, as it is on much of the pop-structured EP. The

There’s also a lovely little symmetry to the EP. “Okay Then” recapitulates the themes and tunes of “Hello” to wrap it up and send it home. A comfortable goodbye, indeed.

This is a fun album, one that cools and soothes with each thoughtful track. If you like chillwave, Debussy’s “Clouds,” or Simpsonswave, you should give it a try.

Top Track: “WDYCM”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really good)


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