Behind the Hoots: July


Behind the Hoots is a collaborative monthly series examining the best lyrics from the month in question. If you’d like to contribute to a future roundup, drop us a line at

Also Also Also – “Bye Bye” (Lyrics by Eden Rohatensky)

Push me, pull me, and you will give me
A reason to keep on deceiving

In a two-minute song that begins with “Fuck me like the pornos,” there’s a lot to love in the latest collection from the prolific Eden Rohatensky. The song is almost a roman a clef, solved in the highlighted lyrics, but if you follow Rohatensky online, you know that the song is just dripping with sarcasm. With purposely sugary vocals, she implores the other person to “treat me like I don’t exist” and says she only exists for pleasure. But in the final lyric of the song, she brings that all to a screeching halt for anyone stupid enough to think she meant any of it. Take that, asshole.

Michael Thomas

Lisa LeBlanc – “Dump the Guy ASAP” (Lyrics by Lisa LeBlanc)

I love you like a sister so I watch you like a hawk

This song goes out to all the girls who are best friends with someone dating an asshole they constantly don’t say anything good about. The song is written from the angle of the friend who only wants the best for you, will be there for you no matter what but hey, will celebrate the day you dump that guy.

Tiana Feng

Mediumship  – “Situational Depression” (Lyrics by Nikolai Howley)

I guess life’s alright
but she’s been keeping me awake
just like caffeine in my brain

Sometimes the most poignant of words are those that are simple and direct. Such is the case with the lyrics to “Situational Depression”. It is about — yes, you guessed it — situational depression. The protagonist has lost his love. He has trouble sleeping, finds it hard to get up, misses classes, doesn’t care. We’ve all been there. Or, at least. most of us have. But having someone lay out these symptoms in plain terms is touching nevertheless. We’ve spent wasted time mulling obsessively over someone even though we know it’s useless. Like the guy says, “I still feel like shit when you call it what it was.”

– Mark Anthony Brennan

“Find You” – Charlotte Day Wilson (Lyrics by Charlotte Day Wilson)

Now that I can see, I can find you

When Charlotte Day Wilson posted her new song “Find You” on Facebook, she did so by saying “this one the anthem”. And oh, how she is right. The incredibly smooth “Find You” is about overcoming your demons and becoming a better and more authentic you. It’s akin to the moment when you release all the toxicity and shame plaguing your life and have finally become the person you have always wanted to be. You are happy, you are free, you can see clearly now. You are open to be and feel loved. To “find you”, whoever they are. An anthem indeed.

– Laura Stanley

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