Premiere: Places Erupt- “Mayday”

breathe a storm

The language around this Toronto band’s latest release promises some fireworks; the band Places Erupt is releasing an album called Breathe a Storm on August 20. And if eruptions and storms aren’t enough for you, they’re teasing the release of the eight-song collection with the appropriately titled “Mayday.”

The music is just as dramatic as the band’s titling. Though they take elements of chamber-folk with the use of violin and cello, the band is thoroughly in the rock vein. “Mayday” begins with ominous chord progressions and a backbone of violin. As Lee Piazza’s vocals come in, the melody gets more fragile, seemingly ready to explode at any point. According to the band, the song about is the difficulty of letting things go and compartmentalizing a sea of troubles. It’s not easy to do either of those things.

Hear the song below.

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