Audible Hoots: Adrian Teacher and the Subs, Dorothea Paas, Men I Trust & more

Men I Trust
Men I Trust

Men I Trust – “Lauren”

It’s probably because the young woman (presumably Lauren herself) on the cover art of Quebec City pop outfit Men I Trust’s latest single is riding a bike but “Lauren” does feel like a bike ride on a warm summer’s night. The song’s breezy guitar chords and scintillating bass line cranks the temperature up while lyrically the track touches on escape and adventure making for the perfect combo for bike riding bliss. Take “Lauren” for a spin. – Laura Stanley

Saxsyndrum – “Dawn Breaks”

I’ve been following the goings-on of Saxsyndrum for some time so I was more than excited to hear what this dynamic duo is putting out now. Starting right off the bat is vocals, which already makes this new entry different — but it’s quickly joined by some smooth and sexy saxophones and the duo’s signature cavalcade of electronics. You’ll never want to leave the swirling world Saxsyndrum creates. –Michael Thomas

Dorothea Paas – “Prest”

Last year Dorothea Paas’s EP Calm Your Body Down captured my heart and I’m feeling thankful that her new track “Prest” is haven’t that same effect on me. “Prest” grows from a hazy and lethargic number, reminsicent of the luscious lethargy of Vulva Culture,  into a fiercely determined and scrappy track that’s highlighted by Paas insistence, “It won’t be you dragging me.” – LS

Seaborne – “Finally”

This band first caught our attention with the dense “Night Waves” but is back with a much more streamlined new song in “Finally.” Synths that sound like strings keep the song’s urgent and dark tone in play as Maryse Bernard’s vocals guide the listener through. With less than a minute, the song gets a bit more complicated as Bernard’s voice floats above a growing storm of electronics. –MT

Mediumship – “Situational Depression” 

Sometimes a place or the situation you are in can really be a downer. It reminds you of the past, a person, or how your life could be so much better. Mediumship’s (Nikolai Howley) “Situational Depression” comes around because of a girl who he can’t keep out of his mind. Done in a very friendly folk-pop style, “Situational Depression” is akin to this girl because, though it won’t make you sad, it will stay in your head for an extended period of time. – LS

Adrian Teacher and the Subs – “Flowers in my Eyes/Cash for Gold”

What? Didn’t Adrian Teacher and the Subs just release the excellent Terminal City a few months ago? Yes! And now they’re already back with a new cassingle that continues to prove why Teacher and co. rule. “Flowers in My Eyes” is a bracing dose of fuzzy power-pop to bounce along to for its three-minute runtime. Then there’s “Cash For Gold,” which goes for a more warped guitar sound and more monotone vocals that somehow starts with lyrics that rhyme “In a city” with “hypocrite he.” It manages to be about a million times funkier than anything Olivers Jewellers could come up. –MT

RELIEFS – “Surf Lachine” 

Montreal all-instrumental band RELIEFS call their new single “Surf Lachine” their summer hit so it might be just what you need as we cruise our way into August. “Surf Lachine,” inspired by the Lachine Canal in Montreal, is like the stoned older brother of “Wipe Out” – it’s grittier and more psychedelic but rides a similar wave of surf rock. A fun trip overall. – LS

Limestone Chorus – “Woods & Water”

I was just in a beautiful park over the weekend with limestone cliffs, so I feel especially in tune with the wonderfully nature-y debut single from Limestone Chorus’ upcoming Deer Friends album. The gentle folk-rock is awash with pedal steel and invites audiences to sing along and “take me home.” Home is the operative theme here; the song explores the need for comfort and familiarity, and this song is indeed pretty comforting. –MT

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