Review – “TIDXLS” – Leo

reviewed by Eleni ArmenakisCover Art

Trickling water opens Leo’s debut album, TIDXLS, an aural embodiment of 16-year old Amy Williams’ “go with the flow” upbringing, as well as the metaphor of evolution flowing through an album by a teen, directed at teens.

Though, if you happen to be past that nineteenth-year threshold, you shouldn’t make the mistake of overlooking this indie synth effort, being put out by independent label Four Destinations Records—a West Vancouver basement project that grew itself by offering guitar lessons.

Those shades of millennial entrepreneurship colour Williams’ twelve songs, itself born out of a willingness to toss an initial effort in favour of chasing a sound that suited her more than the rock and grunge she’d tried to fit into.

“Black Water” quickly muffles out the gurgling stream with a snappy percussive as Williams’ voice emerges—gentle enough for such a synth-heavy release, and full of the kind of confidence that powers us through our teenage years.

A rap on “Rapids” by guest Shak jars the liquid melody that begins in the first song even as Williams recaptures it for the chorus, though later efforts to play around with samples of Kanye’s bold bid for president do a better job of fusing the genres.

“Swimming Pools” sees Williams returning to her primary visual, haunting as she sings, “You and I are sitting at the bottom of the swimming pool/ And your empty eyes begging me to run out of air for you.”

And “Blue,” evoking water spaces so closely after “Swimming Pools,” captivates with its rhythm, wave-like in its peaks as the album floats the listener along through the latter half—Williams’ voice and visuals acting as guide.

“H6me” and “H6me II,” close off TIDXLS with a reminder of Williams’ youth—a more shocking revelation once you’ve had a chance to listen to what she’s managed to create so far.

Top Tracks: “Blue”; “Drowners”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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