Review – “Continuous Cycle” – Totemic

reviewed by Anna Alger

Continuous Cycle EP Cover

Hot off the back of his latest release, Falling, Totemic has brought his complex tones to a new EP: Continuous Cycle. It continues in the vein of his previous release, electroacoustic and drum and bass melding together to create a unique genre.

“Daybreak” is propulsive and insistent, electronic sounds mixing with violin to blend different musical worlds. It’s beats are precise, inviting dance mixed with a feeling of trepidation communicated in the sombre melodies. This is an instrumental track, the music evocative even without vocal stylings.

“Mist” fades in drum and bass sounds from the first note, over a steadier beat. Airy production gives some element of lightness to the otherwise tense recording, quickly turning haunting. Dissonant, electronic sounds join the mix as the rhythms carry on relentlessly. The song proves an example of Totemic’s ability to create a sonic landscape which elicits strong feelings, often making the listener feel as if they are in a particularly dark environment. The EP becomes progressively darker and sinister as it approaches the final track, aptly titled “Nightfall.” Again, a plethora of beats livens up and morphs the track’s sound.

It is unsurprising that the musical direction of the Falling and Continuous Cycle EPs would be similar, given the time of their release. However, there is room for growth and an even more expansive sound from Totemic – it is a shame that these EPs were mostly in the same vein, which causes the listener to question why they weren’t released together as a full length recording.

Top Track: “Mist”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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