Premiere: Senior Citizen – “The Hawk”

the hawkNew Brunswick’s Bob Deveau has been a busy man over the last seven years. Aside from being a part of Grand Theft Bus, Olympic Symphonium, Snailhouse and Share, he’s also been making electronic music as Senior Citizen.

The origin of The Hawk dates back to 2009, when Deveau began recording drum tracks in his parents’ barn. Over the course of seven years, a smorgasbord of musicians added to these compositions and the result is this new album, out July 1 on Backwards Music. Until July 1 comes around, you can hear the album in its entirety below.

The Hawk is an aural playground of sound, never sticking to one type of electronic music for too long. In fact, most songs are constantly morphing. “Wild Fires” starts off with a cluster of drums, guitars and synths, then takes a turn for the ominous as Caleb Crandall comes in on vocals, only to turn into something harmonious later. The calculated synths of “So Close” bring an element of structured physicality before they melt away into something rougher.

Some songs are downright haunting; “Better Off Alone” is a moodier piece, anchored by the mellow vocals of Coco et Co.’s Andrew Sisk, and it’s hard not to hear the pain in “Footprints,” as Nick Cobham repeats “I can’t tell if I’m in shock or not.”

Extended stretches of the album will simply have you grooving; enjoy the multi-layered soundscape now.

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