Review – “Caterpillar Daydream” – FLOOR CRY

caterpillar daydreamsreviewed by Laura Stanley

I spend an unhealthy amount of time on the floor crying – just look at my WordPress bio at the end of this review. But it is a key part in how I process my emotions! A dear friend of mine, and fellow floor cryer, once joked that I got a dual Master’s degree in Canadian Studies (my actual degree) and Floor Studies because of my frequent trips to the floor. So as you could imagine, I got pretty excited when I stumbled across a band who go by the name FLOOR CRY.

Fittingly, the music of Winnipeg’s FLOOR CRY (Felicia Sekundiak) is ripe with emotions. Sekundiak is lethargic and sounds, well, sad. Her bedroom-pop is hazy and sweet; a cloud of lust and stale cigarette smoke. Caterpillar Daydream never sounds anxious though – a key reasons why I am driven to the floor – as the reverb and Sekundiak hushed vocals throughout the recording makes everything sound very relaxed. It’s as if Sekundiak’s sadness has weighed her down too much to feel the jitters of anxiety.

In opener “Freak Show,” Sekundiak is taunted by bad memories and admits, “I was brave, then one day my fears they grew.” It’s a moment that really exposes Sekundiak’s state of mind and sets up the rest of the EP. Sekundiak’s fears remain present in the following track “The Sickness” where we find Sekundiak airy voice apologizing to her “mama” for her deteriorating mental health, as the years tick away in “Time,” and some of her fears even come true when she realizes all her heroes are dead in “March Sadness” (RIP David Bowie and Prince).

For the extra-sensitive listeners, there are a lot of moments from Caterpillar Daydream that will speak to you but for me, “Fangs” is FLOOR CRY at their most emotional. A simple and lulling synth line pulls you under Sekundiak’s spell which gets more entrancing as a electronic beat starts in. We then hear her processing the end of a relationship and continually feeling the sting of words that were said and to top it all off, she brilliantly summarizes how comforting and toxic lying on the can be, singing,  “I keep lying and I know when the floor caves in I will fall.

Allow Caterpillar Daydream be the soundtrack to the next time you need to lie on the floor. But hey, everything is going to be okay.

Top Track: “Fangs”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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