Audible/Visual Hoots: Danielle Fricke, Know Itself, Renders & More

The Medicine Hat
The Medicine Hat

The Medicine Hat – “New Survival”

The Medicine Hat have been on our radar for some years, and it’s great to hear that they’ll be releasing a new album this fall. Until then, they’re tiding us over with a “hymn,” though it’s not a funeral dirge. On the contrary, it’s frantic, at least at first—there’s a flurry of interplay between synth and guitar as the narrator struggles with big changes. But as it approaches the bridge, things look up with the repetition of “I will be there with you at the end.” –Michael Thomas

Teen Daze – “Palo Santo”

Teen Daze have a knack for capturing the changing seasons. In last year’s Morning World we hear the leaving of winter and in Glacier (2012) we hear the world freezing over. In their latest track “Palo Santo,” summer is caught in the song’s electro-pop rhythm, just in time to usher in the warmer temperatures. An electronic drum beat anchors the track as synths and an array of bleeps and bloops dance in a warm summer breeze. – Laura Stanley

Prince of Toronto – “Flies With Honey”

Jackson Fishauf is following up on his 2013 debut with a new moniker and a new single. Now the unofficiated Prince of Toronto, he’s delving deeper into modern muddy alt-folk with a recriminatory, simplistic track that sees Fishauf’s voice bend around a wailing, buzzing guitar. A tinny tack piano offsets the melting notes and nihilistic lyrics, a nod to innocence lost—or maybe delaying the urge to “say goodbye to your last hope.” – Eleni Armenakis

Danielle Fricke – “Dizzy”

London, ON’s Danielle Fricke is positively haunting in everything she does, and stunned me with Moon all the way back in November. The album is now seeing a proper release on iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify and to celebrate she’s released a video for “Dizzy,” which is similarly mesmeric. We see most, but not all of Fricke’s face as the background spins, and it’s a simple but effective way to communicate the dizziness of feelings. My head is spinning as I write this. –MT

STRONGBOY – “Steady” 

“Steady,” the lead single from the debut album by Halifax’s STRONGBOY is all about that special person who makes the shitty world better. Amongst some deliciously lazy pop sounds and a blurry party, STRONGBOY find clarity when a mysterious “she” is near. Stay steady, STRONGBOY, we’re looking forward to the LP – LS. 

Know Itself – “Every Direction is Up”

Evan Sidawi has made quite a bit of noisy garage-rock as a part of We Were Heads, but now he’s heading in a spacier direction with a project named after a Carl Sagan quote. “Every Direction is Up” bubbles with synths and a catchy backbeat, paired quite nicely with the cosmos voyage in the video. Sidawi hasn’t lost his love of glitchy visuals, as the video is interspersed with a digital mask that shifts and blows itself up at will. –MT

RENDERS – “Running Through The Night”

Peterborough’s RENDERS (Kelly McMichael) got us grooving late last year with the song “I Am Gone” and she’s got us back on the dance floor with her newest, and fiercely empowering track, “Running Through The Night.” A cut from her debut EP out in early July, “Running Through The Night” encourages women to wear whatever the hell they want, to have fun with theirsquad, and to take back the night. Round up your friends and practice what RENDERS preaches. – LS

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