Review – “Playland” – Supermoon

playlandreviewed by Elysse Cloma

Playland is Vancouver’s main amusement park and the namesake of Supermoon’s debut LP. Using an album title that references a Vancouver childhood staple pairs well with the innocent spirit of Supermoon’s music. Yet the cheery offerings on Playland have an undercurrent that is far from childish.

Since the release of their Comet Lovejoy LP in 2015, Supermoon joined the Mint Records roster and Playland is their most substantial work yet. We get to hear a more polished and developed version of Supermoon’s sound, full of sticky guitar riffs, plain melodies, and relaxing surf rock grooves. The gals of Supermoon share the duties of singing, and on the LP, each member gets to sing lead vocals on at least one track.

While most of Playland is buoyant and melodic, “moody pop” is the perfect label for Supermoon’s undoubtedly punk style. The dark guitar melodies and eerie speak-singing on “Fast Fashion” highlight the shady side of the clothing industry; “If You Say So” is a cheeky track masked in catchy guitar hooks, and it ends with a determined instrumental jam. The drumming on the track “Unsaid” reflects a teetering between the need for solitude and longing for connection. On the album’s single “Bottleships”, Alie Lynch sweetly sings touching and simultaneously heart wrenching lyrics, as the song builds up towards a satisfying dose of feedback, and leaves us a bit unsettled as to whether or not the song was a happy or a sad one.

The twee spirit is alive on Playland, with eight moody pop tracks to take you through the crests and troughs of emotion. The album is available on Bandcamp for about a fraction of Playland’s admission price, and is about just as fun to listen to.

Top Tracks: “Unsaid” “Bottleships”

Rating: Hunting Call (Excellent) + *swoop*

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