Review – “Loving” – Loving

reviewed by Jack Derricourt


The album, Loving, by the band, Loving, is some pretty over easy pop music. All those involved with slow folk and rock blends will find themselves at home. The sound’s like a wave of warm remembrance, a place you’ve been before. I guess this must be the Land of Chill’s national anthem.

There are experimental flecks, sure. The melted synth work on “Forgot Again” sounds like some of the dreams that Paul McCartney must have had during his heyday. But most of the material is a pop flow, with some quirky vocal production and mellow drums to remind you that this is definitely lo fi — even if it sounds better than half the crap on the radio.

Some things to like:

– a romantic poem of a track, “The Not Real Lake” is a gorgeous three minutes of double tracked vocals, cemented in light, swollen fuzz, and “angry weather in my head”

– “A Long Slow Little Wave/ Citizen, An Activity” is just what it sounds like

– “Bowlly Goes Dancing Drunk Into the Future” is an amazing track title

This little release from the coast is a send up to beach vibes, without the Jack Johnson bullshit. Things are weird without being too heavily in love with the Mac. I can get behind it. Loving it!

Top Track: “The Not Real Lake”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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