Premiere: Altamina – “Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight”

Altamina - Cover

Four years ago, Montreal band Altamina released their all-instrumental debut Silver Landing in a Barren Band. It was an album that, in part, was an experiment for the then duo (François Graham and Marco Gervais) and a chance to test out electronic drums and synths. In 2014, the pair picked up their project once more, this time with the addition of Matt Davis (drums) and Roxanne Miller (bass and vocals) and set out to explore new musical territories. The result is Altamina’s sophomore album, out today, Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight.

Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight is a dark record. The baritone of lead singer François Graham, very reminiscent of Matt Berninger (The National, EL VY), is a constant dark cloud over the record as Graham snarls and sneers his way through the entanglements of past relationships. He dies in “Tonight,” he’s a “Drifter,” and “the demon in the corner of your eyes” (“Storm”).

But dig a little deeper and there’s some light that peaks through this darkness. The synth riff in opener “Under the Black Sea,” the bright guitar of “Liability,” and the backing vocals from Roxanne Miller throughout the recird are all signs that the healing process has begun. As Graham explains, “The album explores some powerful and personal feelings. Many themes revolve around existential questions, soul searching, exploring failed relationships, evasion, and finding solace in the peaceful nature that surrounds us.”

Dive into the whole thing below:

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